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The Sneaky Ways Depression Can Make Your Body Hurt (And Why You Need To Pay Attention)

Sometimes we’re too tuned-out to hear what’s really wrong.

Ask your expressive girlfriend to give you 3 words describing her feelings this moment about her boyfriend. It comes naturally. About her dysfunctional family members? In a nanosecond. She knows Read more

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How Your Poor Body Image Is Killing Your Sex Drive (And How To Fix It)

by Paula-Jo Husack

It’s a complicated, messy problem — but there is a solution.

Famous women in history have set nations on fire with their passion and body-positivity. When we watch the cinematic recreations, we’re allured at how easy Read more

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BACK ON THE BLOCK: Ice-T, Quincy Jones, Kool Moe Dee, ‘n Me

What do I have in common with these guys? Some of you are jumpin’ to answer:   “Music-making!”  You know  I make music with Conspiracy of Venus.  Some of you know my self-esteem and LeadLifeNow work Read more
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Go Or Stay: Not-So-New Year’s Resolution

Happy New Year!

Or is it?

You or someone you know is in a Marriage, Life Partnership, or Couplehood.

Want to “Stay” and renew your relationship with a promising, positive plan? Or, prefer to “Go” into 2017 Read more

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Parenting Kids-In-Perfection

Parenting Kids-In-Perfection

Parenting is one of LeadLifeNow’s Life Elements, which is never off the table. It just changes shape as the years roll by. We parent in waking and sleeping hours; the dreams and positive schemes of countless parents Read more

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