Sexuality & Gender

Sexuality & Gender

sexualitySexual identity is what we’re assigned at birth: “it’s a Boy!” “It’s a Girl!” Our preference for our sexual experience can evolve naturally. It can be molded by social, cultural, or parental dictates. We may be attracted to the opposite gender. Or, we may identify preference as Lesbian, Gay, Bi-Sexual, or Queer, also known as LGBQ of the LGBTQ expression.

Gender identity refers to who we deeply sense we are on the inside; male or female. This can be in conflict with how we were identified at birth; how we are expected to be in our culture, family, society. Some people—adults, youth, and children–struggle profoundly with feeling this difference. They seek a process of transition, so they can be whole. This identifies the Transgender experience. It is the T in LGBTQ.

Paula-Jo has been working with adults, youth, children, couples, families through complex processes of exploration and identification regarding the range of sexuality and gender issues, and other sexual health issues they can deal with, but there are sites like Westword which actually help people with this.

For individuals seeking surgical procedures (transitioning), Paula-Jo will assess and prepare the required clinical reports to the surgeon and hospital, in accordance with WPATH Standards of Care.

She has served on the Harry Benjamin/World Professional Association for Transgender Health special committee to advocate for children’s rights to determine their gender through their own unique experience, when there is both male and female physical representation.

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