Important Tips For People With Anxiety Disorders As Fear Of Coronavirus Spreads And How Beneficial Calming Blankets Can Be In These Times

When A New World Anxiety Activates Anxiety in Your World, Here Are Helpful Tips!

You can be a publicly celebrated figure, like artist Vincent Van Gogh, NBA Forward Larry Sanders, superstar Whoopie Goldberg, actress Lena Dunham, singer Missy Elliott, Read more

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What is Cortisol? How High Stress Hormone Levels Wreck Havoc On Your Mental & Physical Health

Too much can literally cause your brain to shrink … but here’s what you can do about it.

Stress is a feeling most everyone experiences from time to time.

In order to cope with these moments, days, months, years Read more

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$2, $4, $6, $8– Why Don’t We Negotiate? Tips & Blipps for Women

The Whole Value of Salary Self-Esteem Starts and Grows with You.

This is a new century.  This is a new generation.  This is a new career opportunity.  And, this is an OLD story: The job Read more

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What Is DMT? How Ayahuasca Tea Affects Your Brain

Is sipping this popular spiritual brew healing or harmful?

Mighty Leaf, Lipton, Tea Forte, Twinnings, Bigelow, Republic of Tea, Yoga Tea. Caffeinated or decaf. Traditional or artisanal blends. Hot or iced cold.

Which kind of tea is steeping in Read more

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BACK ON THE BLOCK: Ice-T, Quincy Jones, Kool Moe Dee, ‘n Me

What do I have in common with these guys? Some of you are jumpin’ to answer:   “Music-making!”  You know  I make music with Conspiracy of Venus.  Some of you know my self-esteem and LeadLifeNow work Read more
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