ADHD/LD/Special Needs

ADHD/LD/Special Needs

There’s a saying that kids come to us without operating instructions. Daily life in this 21st Century is complicated. It takes all of us working together to raise our kids. Our informational pool comes through our histories, friends, other parents, schools, media and more. Still, concerns specific to you and your family need individualized attention.






Below are a few examples of parent, child, adolescent, and family coaching, counseling & consultation needs across different developmental stages.

  • Challenges in parenting
  • Blended families
  • Transitions losses
  • Special needs
  • Anxiety
  • PTSD (EMDR certified)


Now that we know so much about the brain, we know that ADD, and ADHD are often misdiagnosed and treated as just that, and not disorders of attachment. The latter requires a different approach. The results in working with children come with recognizing each child’s uniqueness and needs. Concerned Moms and Dads, from diverse cultural backgrounds, return at different times for guidance, collaboration, and strategies. It’s an honor to be chosen again and again; with our shared vision to raise whole children and grow whole families sustainably. We share a commitment to raising whole children; and growing whole families. Also available for phone consultation.

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