Couples Coaching

Couples Coaching

couples coaching

When’s the right time for couples counseling and coaching? If you’re reading this, it’s now; and possibly yesterday. National statistics show fewer than 2% of couples jump in early to change their distancing patterns. You may think you can “fix it” yourself. But how without training or tools?

We’re mandated to take classes in driving; but not in “driving” our love relationships. Why? According to famed expert, John Gottman, good marriages don’t necessarily have less conflicts. It’s how they’re handled. After reading this. I hope you’ll see how natural and practical it is to need a guide and trainer for your next steps, since using the services of a personal development coach can be as essential as couple’s coaching.

Here are some “ice-pick” situations, which diminish relationship satisfaction over time. Which one is yours? .

  • You feel disconnected; distant, unheard. Emotional and intimacy needs are unmet
  • Quality time and enjoyment together is gone
  • Fights are frequent.
  • Repetitive cycle of Criticize—Fight—Withdraw—Make Up
  • The Make Up stage is harder to reach. Resentments are stockpiled
  • You’re first-time parents; or amid the impact of a second child
  • A blended family: Children from now and then, with confluence of ex’s
  • The joy of finally being with your Life Partner is being under towed by a complicated relational matrix
  • Sexual desire is gone or daily life camaraderie is
  • Considering a break-up or divorce
  • It’s a “Couples Quake”; shakes one or both persons to seek help.

“Couples Quakes” are the big numbers on the Richter scale: Affairs, addictions, financial or health shock, family death, coming out, child crisis or special needs, legal matters, unforeseen disasters. Couples counseling and coaching can take you through a process of skills-building, self-growing, decision-making. It can help you reconstruct, “renovate”, heal, grow, get or maintain a plan, tune-up, tune in. Our work together will save your relationship or marriage, if that’s what you want. It will help you make important decisions when you know the relationship is finished When these are discussed openly with guidance, they can help you both move forward. It’s a useful reference for couples counseling.

Pre-Marital Counseling For All Couples:

This is training and prevention at its best. Be prepared to look clearly and truthfully at your assets and challenges. Learn how to combine your styles toward a positive outcome. Get communication skills to really hear your partner. Predict difficult scenarios and get tools to use individually and together. Is it time for us to get started?

Addiction/Recovery Therapies

We know that substances come i all forms, from actual substances lie cocaine, opiods, alcohol; and gaming, porn, shopping.  The question to ask:  Is it keeping me from living a full, engaged life?  Is there impact on my significant other, children, employer, my parents?

Another stressor exists with the loved ones.  Do you need help because your partner, sibling, manager is using and it’s adding significant stress to you days?

Both of these situations are work scheduling an appointment to learn how to learn stress reduction tools caused by this addictive system; and to decide what to do about it.

Gottman Couples Therapy tools

John and Julie Gottman are the true founders of the longest ongoing evidence-based couples information.  What makes couples relationships succeed and create long-term fulfillment.  Incorporating this psycho-educational and strategic piece, along with some of the other tools you’ve read about herein, can ensure your goals will be reached.


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