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It’s the Barbie aisle at Toys-R-Us.  Rows of Barbie boxes are lined up.  Poised and posed Barbies are inside with backs straight and teeth-whitened grins.  Some of Barbies breasts are unclothed.  They’re right there in Read more
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I’m 37,000 miles in the air.  It’s United’s morning non-stop to New York City.  The guy next to me starts his breakfast with champagnes and a screwdriver.  Main course:  scrambled eggs and Drink #4.  Read more
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Time Out!

You’re on a bed, a stage, a field, a court;  in a courtroom, boardroom, bedroom, bathroom.  Wherever you are, your Family of Origin rules  haunt your head.  These ways of life are values spoken or Read more

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LEAD LIFE NOW Monthly Tune-Up’s*

Looking at your whole-person, whole-life commitment? Join me for a LEAD LIFE NOW monthly Tune-Up Workshop*

 Every month we take on a single topic. LEAD LIFE NOW  September Subject: Professional Goals San Read more
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