The Sneaky Ways Depression Can Make Your Body Hurt (And Why You Need To Pay Attention)

Sometimes we’re too tuned-out to hear what’s really wrong.

Ask your expressive girlfriend to give you 3 words describing her feelings this moment about her boyfriend. It comes naturally. About her dysfunctional family members? In a nanosecond. She knows Read more

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How To Tell If She Likes You, Based On Her Texts

Mens/Womens are Text Differently. Know Her Texts to Get What’s Next

It’s an atypical stormy San Francisco Saturday.  Mark Benioff, Founder and CEO of SalesForce,  is  occupying a lot of conversational space in the room . Read more

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Empathy & Emotional Intimacy: Twins of Life-Long, Love-Long Couples

Ancient Phases of Couplehood Mold Today’s Lifelong Love Plans

Loving is heroic.  But  liking is the essence of friendship; the anchoring roots of emotional intimacy.  Empathy is its forever-connected Twin.  The more emotional intimacy Read more

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People With These Personality Traits Have No Idea What Resilience Means

Don’t Let Their Blocks to Resillience Building be a Baricade to Yours.

Resilience is a whole process of adapting well in the face of big-ticket, unexpected change.  Ever experience one of these, also know as the Fab Five Read more

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couple holding hands

How Your Poor Body Image Is Killing Your Sex Drive (And How To Fix It)

by Paula-Jo Husack

It’s a complicated, messy problem — but there is a solution.

Famous women in history have set nations on fire with their passion and body-positivity. When we watch the cinematic recreations, we’re allured at how easy Read more

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