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Important Tips For People With Anxiety Disorders As Fear Of Coronavirus Spreads And How Beneficial Calming Blankets Can Be In These Times

When A New World Anxiety Activates Anxiety in Your World, Here Are Helpful Tips!

You can be a publicly celebrated figure, like artist Vincent Van Gogh, NBA Forward Larry Sanders, superstar Whoopie Goldberg, actress Lena Dunham, singer Missy Elliott, Read more

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What It Means To Have Treatment-Resistant Depression — And What You Can Do If This Sounds Familiar

Paula-Jo (PJ) Husack February 23, 2020


Successful treatment does exist. Stay persistent!

The two clients in my waiting room have something tough in common, though they don’t know it.

They are both depressed. Their symptoms may look like Read more

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How To Know If You’re Drinking Too Much (Or If You Just Really Like To Party)

Paula-Jo (PJ) Husack January 23, 2020


Are you in the driver’s seat or does your partying have control?

A few Christmas trees are still left on the city streets, dried out and spent after a crazy-partying season.  Read more

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The Sneaky Ways Depression Can Make Your Body Hurt (And Why You Need To Pay Attention)

Sometimes we’re too tuned-out to hear what’s really wrong.

Ask your expressive girlfriend to give you 3 words describing her feelings this moment about her boyfriend. It comes naturally. About her dysfunctional family members? In a nanosecond. She knows Read more

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How To Prepare Yourself For The End Of Daylight Saving Time — Before It Hits You Where It Hurts

Tips for getting through about this loved (and loathed) time when we set our clocks to fall back.

Parisians know that when “the autumn leaves drift past my window”, it’s a most romantic time of year along the banks Read more

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