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Adult ADD/ADHDAre you an adult with ADD/ADHD?  Or do you think you might be?  My approach goes along with most experts in this field, who endorse a multi-modal approach to treatment. Medications, if indicated, will often provide positive results but are not the sole answer to treatment. Individuals and families require education about ADD, its causes and the development of compensatory skills to overcome specific problem areas in the person’s life. This might include some skills development: Organizing and accomplishing, overcoming procrastination; eliminating clutter; managing time and money, improving interpersonal/professional relationships; acquiring communication skills; managing your mood; optimizing parenting effectiveness.

ADD does not exist in a vacuum. Co-existing problems for adults often  include one or some of these: anxiety or depression; substance abuse; low self-esteem; family or marital discord; work or school problems;  and conflict with others.

Let’s get started on your own individualized needs so you can LeadLifeNow.  Your adult years can be more fulfilling if you’re ready….