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Tune Up

It’s a group of diverse, dedicated women of all ages, who value whole-health,  inside and out.  We’re motivated to change what isn’t working; and sustain what is. Learn, grow; support, plan, address issues, take risks.  TUNE-UP highlights some of these important aspects of whole life each month:
Love/intimacy, career, sexuality,  money, environments, perfectionism,  food/body, family-of-origin, health, blended families, momming or kid-free, spirituality….more.

Your challenges and feelings will be met with support, compassion, purpose.  You’ll learn more effective ways to expresses what’s hard.  Be prepared for homework between meetings.  That’s how you’ll stay connected with your personal plan from month to month.Remember, your best investment to sustain leadership success is to take conscious care of Yourself.   Aircraft emergency instructions say this repeatedly:  Tend to your own oxygen mask first before trying to help another person. So, start here. Take control of your breath and your whole life in ways that work. Confront old patterns that don’t, with support and understanding.  Replace them with empowering strategies.  Keep those mainstays that support your self-esteem.
Every month we take on a single topic. Please contact me for schedule!