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Whole Performance is a framework for plotting performance and creativity goals, using a whole-person (body, mind, intuitive) approach. It’s a practical, individualized educational model, for the Artist/Client and their field. I pull from the added experience as both a creative and performing artist. Process through your blocks, which may be psychological or technical, and come out the other side with tools toward fulfillment. As a leadership advocate and educator, I proactively coach you to on your career paths and facilitate active decision-making processes for yourself or your team. My colleague and mentor Dr. Sandra Foster, Ph.D., is an innovator and author in the field of performance enhancement psychology. She’s co-author of EMDR protocols for performance enhancement in the arts and in the workplace. You may choose to include EMDR as part of our Performance Enhancement Plan. EMDR is used for performance challenges in the courtroom, boardroom, sports world, and classroom; wherever you’re anxious to achieve.