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Staff Development

Staff DevelopmentLead your Professional Arena. You, your business partners, your staff. These are key to whole career success. It’s revenue generating. The foundation to getting there mandates clear roles and responsibilities, sustained productivity, reinforced situational and organizational esteem through involvement. Consultation is provided for these essential processes. Bring your organizational issues. Some may be relative to

  • Staff performance and enhancement
  • Patient/client satisfaction
  • Staff/partner roles and reviews
  • Ongoing training and coaching
  • Conflict intervention and mediation

Note that a work group is not a “team”. It’s a task “group”. Team evolves through a collaborative, guided, developmental process. Add hard work, collaboration, shared vision, education, facilitation, and support from the organization. I bring over 10 years of consultation experience, as well as being a part of health care (UCSF) and corporate organizational teams myself. For over 10 years, I’ve provide consultation for principals and staff of small- to mid-sized practices, businesses, and organizations throughout the country.

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